Student Opportunities


At the ICT Lab we investigate fascinating mechanisms at the foundations of information and communication theory, with the aim to develop powerful new models and techniques to push the limits of current technologies.

We apply information and communication theory to different research areas including fiber optics, wireless communications, radar processing and information security. We investigate these through the use of digital signal processing, source coding and channel coding. The scenarios that we study ideally result from close interaction with industry.

Are you a student interested in doing a project or taking course with us? Then have a look at the opportunities below. For more information you can also contact Alex Alvarado.


The ICT Lab provides you with effective guidance to build up skills in a practice-based learning environment. You will be introduced to real-world applications and acquire a solid knowledge of information and communication theory.

We offer two bachelor courses:

and two master courses:

Bachelor coherent package

For Bachelor students, the ICT Lab offers a coherent package that covers challenges related to digital information from telecommunications, information theory, and machine learning perspectives.

Machine Learning and Information processing for Communications (PDF version)

You can also check the TU/e education guide for more information on elective packages.

Master Paths

For Master students, we offer “master paths”, which focus on the following core research areas: fiber optics, wireless communications, radar processing, and information security. Here we provide you with some suggested trajectories hoping to give you insights and inspiration on how you can engage in the future of information and communication theory.

You can also check the TU/e education guide for more information on the Master’s program Electrical Engineering.

BSc and MSc projects

Are you interested in doing a project with us? Then check the Bachelor Final Project Marketplace or the Master Project Marketplace for our latest projects or contact Alex Alvarado.

Master internships

The ICT Lab cooperates with industrial partners that frequently have internships available for graduate students with a background in information and communication theory. Get in touch with us if you would like to discuss the opportunity for joining a company like NXP, Philips, NICT Japan, Fujitsu Network Communications (FNC) or Intrinsic ID. If you are interested in doing an internship with one of our academic partners (e.g. Duke University, Chalmers University of Technology) also don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Currently, we have the following oportunity for a master project and/or internship in collaboration with NXP:

This master project is also related to these two PhD positions.