Shaping in Wireless and Optical Communications



Signal (constellation) shaping can be used to increase the transmission rates of communication system. Signal shaping can be broadly classified into geometric and probabilistic shaping. In geometric shaping, the shape of the constellation is changed (e.g., by choosing constellation points from a nonequally spaced grid). In probabilistic shaping, the probabilities of the constellation points are chosen from a nonuniform distribution.

ICT Lab Projects

In the ICT Lab, the shaping techniques are applied to wireless and optical communications. On wireless communications, we currently focus on enumerative sphere shaping (ESS), which began in 1991 with the project

which came back to life in 2016 with

Enumerative shaping techniques are also being employed by our group in optical communications, with the project

Other probabilistic shaping techniques for optical fibers are also investigated in

Geometric shaping was also investigated for the optical channel in