PUFs: Anchors of Trust in Resource-Constrained Environments (PATRIOT)


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Project Description

PATRIOT provides an alternative for outdated password-based security and costly secure elements. The solution is 2-factor authentication using unclonable hardware. For this, PUFs that provide unique fingerprints for chips and which have been vetted for government and defense use will be brought to mass consumer markets. PATRIOT will port PUFs to resource constrained devices that are popular among end-users (mobiles/wearables), where they will be used for strong authentication and key storage.

Passwords are not secure and user-friendly enough. News about hackers shows how vulnerable we are against determined attackers. We need strong, low-cost, and user-friendly authentication solutions based on personal devices that we carry with us. PATRIOT provides these solutions, gives users control over their (data) security and guarantees privacy. The solutions apply to e-banking, web services, eID, etc. PATRIOT’s results allow the project partners to enter these big and growing markets.

Results and Publications

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R. Maes, V. v.d. Leest, E. v.d. Sluis and F. Willems, “Secure Key Generation from Biased PUFs”, in International Workshop on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems, pp. 517-534, Sep. 2015.

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TU Eindhoven (TUE), Intrinsic-ID B.V., The Netherlands, TechniKon Bliksembeveiliging B.V., Austria