Master Thesis at NXP Semiconductors: Fault Tolerant Adaptive Filters Exploration for Future Self Driving Vehicle

Project Description

The current roadmap of the automotive industries foresees that there will be several sensors (such as Radars, cameras, LIDARs etc.) that are embedded in a vehicle for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) applications to provide safety and comfort for the users while driving. Each sensor data should be transferred to a post processing receiving node using high speed SerDes physical interfaces through a cable. In this context, it is very essential that those high speed electronics devices operate without any failure and can able to tolerate unexpected fault over the lifetime of the vehicle. The primary focus of this work is to assess a fault tolerant of the existing adaptive filter algorithms and identify a set of techniques that improves the fault tolerance through improvement in algorithm/architecture or combination of both.

This project will include the following tasks:

• Literature study on fault tolerant adaptive filter algorithms/architectures

• Identify/assess different fault tolerant techniques

• Analyze pros and cons of the findings

Your Background

Your profile:

• Bachelor in electrical engineering and seeking Master Thesis

• Knowledge on Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and communication theory

• Good Matlab/RTL/C programming skills

• Knowledge on computer architecture

• Interested in the automotive domain

The project will take up to six months, including the writing of a final report. It will be carried out on-site at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, due to the required high-intensity knowledge transfer and supervision, as well as the availability of specific hardware and software tools. Working in this project at NXP Semiconductors in Eindhoven implies working in a stimulating, multidisciplinary environment at the forefront of technology, with knowledgeable colleagues, and an excellent infrastructure.

Students interested in this project are encouraged to contact one of the persons listed below, accompanied by a resume and course curriculum plus grade list.


Interested applicants may contact:

Dr. Sujan Pandey (